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Kelly DeFord Alfa Insurance in Mobile AL

Alfa is known for providing the best personalized service, making it easy for customers to do business locally and in person.

Types Of Insurance We Provide

Homeowner's Insurance

ALFA Homeowner's insurance simply makes sense. Noboby wants anything bad to happen to their home, bu

Learn how ALFA can help you protect what is often your largest investment. We offer protection that you may not have considered. Learn more now.

Life Insurance

ALFA Life Insurance has several options and combinations to offer to protect your assets.

You have auto, homeowners, health insurance, but you may not have protected the most valuable thing-You or your loved ones. Get a life insurance quote today.

Auto Insurance

ALFA Auto Insurance offers very competetive rates and gives you peace of mind as you travel the road

Your car just seems to drive better when you know that it and your investment is protected by one of our competitive auto insurance policies. Get a quote today.

Renter's Insurance


If your possessions are stolen during a break-in or damaged by a fire, renter's insurance can help you recover what you lost without breaking  the bank.  

Flood Insurance

ALFA offers flood insurance to protect your assets in the event of a disaster. Protect your property

You never know when disaster may strike, especially when you live along the Gulf Coast. Learn more about our flood coverage and how to protect your assets.

Health Insurance

ALFA offers competitive health care insurance for people looking for the best protection possible.

Health care costs seem to be on the rise every year. Be prepared to get the care you need and when you need it. Learn more about our health care offers.


Home Systems Protection Information

Keep Your Home In Working Order

Your Alfa home owner's policy covers a wide array of perils to your home and contents, but what happens when your household equipment breaks down/

Alfa's new Home Systems Protection coverage will better protect your home equipment and systems --for just $43 per year.

Systems and equipment protected includes:

- HVAC systems

- Computers, tablets, and smartphones

- Elevators and chair lifts

- Health monitoring systems

- Home exercise equipment

And many more...

Home Systems Protection Additional Information

Home Systems Protection will be added to your policy, effective at renewal. Learn more about the home systems protection option you have with your coverage. Click the Learn More button below to get more information.

Learn More

Admitted or Non-Admitted. Why Does It Matter?

Conveniently located at 6207 Cottage Hill Road, Mobile, AL

Protecting Futures

Alfa Office Alfa Insurance Cottage Hill

Come visit our super knowledgeable agents and experts. We will ensure that you have the right insurance coverage and the correct amount of coverage. Stop by and visit anytime. We will be glad to prepare a quote for you. We have years of insurance experience helping clients prepare for the unknown. Don't take a chance with your assets without at least knowing what it would cost to protect your assets. 

We can access many different insurance products so you can get the right one for you.

Insurance Tailored to You

auto, home, life, umbrella, insurance, car, family, mobile insurance best rates, personal service

Our team specializes in creating an insurance portfolio tailored just for your specific needs.  We make insurance easy and easy to understand.  Give us an opportunity to show you how we can help you. 

Contact us Today for a quote. No need to put it off any longer.

(251) 661-9957 

Life Insurance with Alfa will Save you Money?


Life Insurance is so important and necessary for everyone.  That is why ALFA is the state leader in assisting our clients with life insurance at a rate they can afford and tailored to their needs.


Contact us Today for a quote. Your age and health are the bigget factors in the cost of life insurance. 

Why would you wait?

(251) 661-9957 

Mobile Alabama Insurance News

Read our latest information about insurance in Mobile Alabama. We feature some of our best options designed for saving your money while providing your peace of mind

Our Team


Gale Brown - Auto Specialist

Learn more about Gale Brown is a native of Semmes, AL and has been in the insurance business 20 years.  

She joined our Alfa team in 2015. Gale knows that car insurance is more than just a mandatory purchase.  

She is skilled in educating the customer about insurance options and knows how to strategize a personal protection plan for you.  Her years of experience has taught her that insurance in Mobile can be an easy purchase for an educated consumer.    

Gale graduated from Mary G Montgomery, and she has two children.  She loves to travel and loves Alabama Football!  She has taught ballet, jazz, and tap for 15 years.  She enjoys yoga for relaxation.  

You can easily contact Gale by email to start your quote request.  


Pam Whitfield- Office Mgr.

Pam Whitfield is a native of Mobile, a graduate of WP Davidson High School, and attended the University of South Alabama. 

She began her career with Alfa in 2000. She has 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Pam enjoys kayaking and volunteering at the Saenger Theater as well as other various charity events.

Contact Pam by Email:

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Admitted or Non-Admitted? Why Does It Matter?

 Most  consumers do not understand the concept of admitted and non-admitted  insurance or even realize that such a product exist. Typically  all that is researched by a client is the price.  This is definitely  the time to make sure you know what you are purchasing. Non admitted  policies have a form to sign disclosing the company which company holds  their policy called a Surplus Lines Forms.  Make  sure you know what you are signing.   It is important to know who  actually holds the policy that you purchase due to the fact that  non-admitted carriers are sold through admitted agencies and Independent  Agencies predominantly sell Non-Admitted carriers. Our agency does things differently and correctly. Click the button below to learn more.

Find out more