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About Life Insurance

You insure your car, your home, your boat, your farm, but what about your life?

Life insurance provides money to those that are left  behind should something happen to you. 

Life insurance policies include  exclusions and exceptions, similar to an auto policy or a homeowner’s  policy.

There are two main types of life insurance policies. 


The first is  called term life insurance, and it offers protection should a specified  event occur. 

Once this specified event occurs (usually the death of the  person insured), a claim is paid out in one lump sum. 


The second type of  life insurance policy is a policy that builds cash value as each  premium is paid. Whole life and universal life are examples of such  policies.

Life insurance premiums are based on the level of risk that the  insurer takes by insuring someone. 

For instance, barring any type of  accidental death, it would cost more to insure an older person who has  used tobacco for many years than it would cost to insure someone who is  young with no history of tobacco use.

Age & Health Determine Your Premiums. Don't put off getting life insurance until you are old. The premiums increase with every year of age.

Life insurance can be viewed as a way to take care of your family  after you’re gone. The grieving process is difficult enough without  having to worry about if your family can survive financially without  you. 

For this reason and many others, life insurance is so important. Call Kelly DeFord to purchase a life insurance policy today. Don’t put your family’s future in jeopardy another minute.

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